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Dalla & Vittorelli was established in 1919, in the very heart of the ancient Bologna . The Company started its activity producing die and machinery for pasta.

First success came from customers such Ricciarelli, Braibanti and Zamboni, which are still main partners of the Company.

Dalla & Vittorelli main partner is the one aiming at top quality, with a customized, best tailored job approach.

All'inizio della rivoluzione del packaging, la compagnia ha cominciato a dedicarsi anche alla produzione di carte speciali, cerate e stampate con sistema flexo, per rispondere al meglio alla domanda del mercato.

At the beginning of packaging revolution, the Company started to focus also on special paper production, waxed an printed paper through the flexo system, in order to deal with the market new expectations at its best.

In more than sixty year of activity, the Company was chosen by important customers and partners, for the quality of its products and services.

In order to provide at any market request, Dalla & Vittorelli built its headquarter near Guglielmo Marconi Bologna airport.

Le macchine Dalla & Vittorelli sono tutt'ora progettate, costruite e migliorate con la particolare dedizione che rappresenta uno dei punti di forza dell'arte meccanica emiliana.

Dalla & Vittorelli machinery is designed, built and improved with the best professional approach and know how, in line with the Italian mechanic art.

Dalla & Vittorelli is happy to supply any further information customers and partner may need.

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